Modernization process engineering


We specialize in the engineering of modernization processes, applying innovative technologies that allow us to offer integral solutions for the development of projects, from the conceptualization of the same, to the maintenance and operation stage.


Our team forms a solid knowledge and experience that applies in a synergy established from the experiences of management, ensuring control of costs and supervision of the entire workforce.


One of our main pillars is the compliance in time and form of estimated deadlines, the reduction of costs and the quality of the information provided throughout the process, great advantages for companies and public / private organizations that trust our group.

Digitization and processing

We represent 2 Scanner brands of documents and books, allowing us to offer a wide platform of possibilities to carry out digitization processes. This platform is composed of scanners of high production documents, portable scanners and scanners of automatic books.

All the information requires a processing that contains high quality standards and computer security. To comply with this rule, we normalize our data process management in controlled environments under strict safety regulations.

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Indexing and data entry control

We have a team with more than 500 people developing indexing and data control tasks, achieving a unique scalability for processes that require a high quality of validated data, offering an alternative to what is already known.

Our software development team implements different software applications and tools developed for each project as they allow the indexing operation to be managed. Years of development and experience guarantee this platform.

How does it work?

Management document

We have the document management software portfolio that allows us to offer easy installation and learning solutions, compatible with other programs, providing information in the cloud accessible from different devices.

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